Managing Your Menopause Symptoms
March 24, 2017
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Just like puberty, every woman will eventually go through menopause. However, many women going through this important change in menopausetheir lives are not well-informed about how to manage its symptoms. Luckily, your doctor can help you prepare for and understand the symptoms of menopause. Learn more with your OBGYN at Partners in Women’s Health in Denver, CO.

What is menopause? 
Menopause occurs as a woman ages and includes the symptoms and changes which come before and after she ceases to menstruate. This process marks the end of a woman’s reproductive period in her life. Menopause causes a large shift in hormones due to the ovaries, which produce the hormones estrogen and progesterone, ceasing to ovulate. Menopause normally occurs around the age of 40. If menopause occurs before the age of 40, it is considered early or premature menopause.

Managing the Symptoms of Menopause 
Menopause produces several tell-tale symptoms, including mood swings, fatigue, irritability, headaches, vaginal dryness, incontinence, depression and insomnia. Additionally, menopause causes the body to stop ovulating, resulting in irregular, missed and, eventually, the lack of a period. Managing these symptoms may be as simple as making certain lifestyle changes like getting more exercise to help with insomnia or avoiding things which trigger hot flashes. Some women benefit from hormone replacement therapy to help combat the symptoms of menopause. Your doctor can help you determine the best course of action to handle your menopause symptoms.

Menopause in Denver, CO 
Understanding the symptoms of menopause can help you identify when it begins occurring. Since your symptoms may begin several years before menopause itself and build gradually over time, you may not notice them at first. However, your doctor can use a physical examination and certain testing procedures to determine if your body has begun the menopause process. If so, your doctor can help you determine the best way to manage your symptoms moving forward.

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