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September 21, 2018
Category: Women's Health
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A woman’s reproductive health is a crucial party of her overall wellness. However, many women are not fully aware of the importance of Woman's Annual Examannual well-woman examinations with their OBGYN. Luckily, the doctors and staff at Partners in Women’s Health in Denver, CO, can help you understand these preventative appointments and what they involve.

What is an annual well-woman examination? 
Well-woman examinations are yearly exams dedicated to ensuring that your reproductive health is in top condition. These exams include a physical examination, Pap smear test, and breast examination. Regular well-woman exams allow your doctor to screen for cancer and find and treat issues before they become advanced and require more invasive treatments.

What makes preventative care important? 
Preventative medical care is one of the most important aspects of your overall health. Though many people believe they should not see their doctor until they feel something is wrong, this thought could not be further from the truth. In fact, seeing your doctor regularly can catch issues like cancer early in their most treatable stages or even prevent them altogether. Regular exams also give you the chance to ask questions or address concerns you may have with your body or health.

What can I expect during a well-woman examination? 
A well-woman examination includes four main parts: an external genital examination, an internal pelvic examination, a bimanual examination, and a Pap test which screens for cervical cancer. These exams take only a few minutes and occur right in your doctor’s office. During your visit, your OBGYN will also talk to you about your sexual activity, STD testing, and other important information regarding your reproductive health.

Well-Woman Examinations in Denver, CO 
Most doctors recommend women have yearly well-woman examinations until they are 30. Then, if they have a negative Pap test for three years, they can extend their well-woman exams to every three years.

For more information on well-woman examinations or preventative care, please contact Partners in Women’s Health in Denver, CO. Call (303) 399-3315 to schedule your appointment with your OBGYN today!