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September 26, 2017
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Knowing is half the battle. Find out what to expect during your next women’s health exam.pap smear

No matter how healthy you feel and regardless of whether you are experiencing symptoms or not, all women should come in once a year for a routine gynecological exam. These exams are important not just for your health but also your mental wellbeing. Our Denver, CO OBGYNs also offer support and advice while answering any questions you may have. If it’s your first visit then it will also be your first Pap smear. Don’t worry; it’s much easier than you might think.

We are here to tell you that a Pap smear is really not as intimidating or stressful as it might seem. First and foremost, this test should not hurt. Sure, the idea of baring your more sensitive regions and wearing a paper gown may not scream fun, but your visit should never be physically painful or uncomfortable.

Why do I need a Pap smear?

This is the best diagnostic tool to screen for cervical cancer. By taking a small sample of tissue from the cervix and testing it, we can check for the presence of any abnormal or precancerous cells, as well as other changes that may indicate a problem. By performing this test we can detect cervical cancer earlier on, when it’s much easier to treat, and we can also prevent precancerous cells from turning into full-blown cancer.

How often should I get this test?

You’ll be happy to hear that if your results are normal and you’ve never had an abnormal Pap test that you only have to get this done every three years starting at 21 years old. Of course, if you’ve been diagnosed with human papillomavirus (HPV) or other risk factors then you may need to be screened more regularly. When we sit down to discuss your medical history our Denver gynecologists will be able to better determine just how often you should come in for this cervical cancer screening.

Do you have questions about your upcoming Pap smear? Do you need to schedule your next exam with us? Experiencing symptoms? These all warrant a call to Partners in Women's Health in Denver, CO. Turn to the leading OBGYN experts today!